A day at the beach only takes an hour

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Services & Benefits



$30 for FIRST - 1 hour float - BOOK NOW

Feel Rest

Eliminate sign, sound, and touch

Feel Relaxation

muscular relaxation and healing, anti-gravity

Feel Restoration

engage yourself without distractions


ZIVEL Infrared Sauna

$20 for first - 45 minute Session - BOOK NOW


rid the body of toxins

Tissue Healing

increased energy at the cellular level


Relaxation through saltwater floatation


Infrared Sauna  

Burn up to 600 calories per session

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Dr. Matt O’Neill, PT, DPT

Dr. Matt grew up in Dannebrog, NE, attended Creighton University, and then start his therapy practice, Alpha Rehabilitation, P.C. in Kearney, NE in 2004. Since then, he has focused his attention and practice on helping patients of all ages heal. In addition to Kearney, he taught courses around the country and is the touring Physical Therapist for the heavy metal band Korn. It was while on tour that he first experienced floating. It was that transformational experience that lead him to create Harbor Floats and then expand it to Zivel. Zivel is growing from Kearney, NE into a movement that is expanding around the country. The main goal - [re]define health! 


News & Reviews

We are proud to have been featured in the Kearney Hub for their Business Section.  It was great educating them on all the great benefits people can experience from floating and our other related services.

Unload stress and relax in Zivel Floats and Massage float pods. (Click above image for story)  By AMANDA PUSH Hub Staff Writer

Unload stress and relax in Zivel Floats and Massage float pods. (Click above image for story)

Hub Staff Writer


Google and Facebook Reviews


What an experience! We booked out the Spa for Mother's day for a few hours. The staff was incredibly accommodating and helped make our Mother's Day SO wonderful. I personally did a float and used the sauna. Others added a massage too! I was a little nervous to float for the first time. I wasn't so sure I would enjoy having to close the lid. I tested it out with the lights off, lights on...music off, music on and finally felt comfortable with the lights off but kept the music on. It took a little time to feel completely relaxed, but once I did, it was amazing. I know my second time I will feel more comfortable and most likely relax sooner. The spa was incredibly clean and neat. I highly recommend going here, not only for the uniqueness of the floats, but because the staff is beyond friendly and helpful. Their customer service was above and beyond. I'll be back to float again!

m.v. - Google review - 5 stars

I had my first float ever yesterday and I am in my 6th month of pregnancy, WOW my body and mind has never felt so relaxed! Such a wonderful staff and building, everything is so peaceful, beautiful, clean and relaxing. It amazed me how you could just lay there in perfect stillness and not have any pressure on any part of your body. I felt as if I was not even in the pod but floating peacefully out in nature.